Three & Four Month Update

Happy October (it’s almost November) It’s been a minute since I’ve had time to post a new blog. I am not even slightly off track with Project 100×30, I just haven’t been in a season where I’ve been able to pursue it like I want to. But, things are still clicking along, slowly but surely!

The reality is, my first school term knocked me flat – I still don’t really know how I got it all done! But, thanks to help and support from my family and Tyler, I finished with all As, and I am still on track to graduate in the spring. I’m so thrilled about that, as I am hoping to keep my GPA as high as possible so that when the time comes, I can apply to grad school easily. One of the biggest moments on my list, by far, is to graduate. So, that is where the majority of my energy is going right now! Thank God, this current term is proving to be a little easier and I have more free time than I did last term, so I’m enjoying that going into the holidays!

A little update on my lapband removal. My eating went back to “normal” fairly quickly after surgery. The surgeon explained that the stomach forms a capsule around the band over the years, which he leaves intact, meaning there is still a slight restriction in my eating. This is supposed to help stall the inevitable weight gain (a high risk with lapband removal), but to be honest I haven’t noticed anything. He said over a year it’ll stretch out and I’ll be fully back to normal. The only thing that has changed is I have noticed more heartburn than I ever had before. This could be a couple of things: 1) residual effects of pregnancy, or 2) I’ve had heartburn more than I thought, but because of the band keeping things down, I’ve never felt it before. Overall, this is minor, and I am figuring out what foods trigger it and avoiding those, or taking Tums when needed. No biggie.

Speaking of weight gain, I had dipped to my lowest weight yet post-partum after my surgery, which made 20 pounds lost. However, I jumped back up and am just slowly making my way back down, so I believe that was an anomaly of some kind. (Weight loss is NOT a straight line!) I briefly went off Keto to allow myself to eat a wider variety of foods and try to nourish my body well (another lapband side effect – malabsorption leading to deficiencies). However, I was surprised to find out how quickly my body rebelled against that. Carbs (or rather, the insulin and hormone issues they cause for me) just do not agree with my body or my moods. Its important to note, that when I say “carbs,” I don’t mean bread & pasta. Yes, those, but I also mean, sweet potato, beans, lentils, yogurt, fruit, etc. A common misconception is that only “bread-y” things are considered carbs, but for those of us with insulin issues, any sugar of any kind in any food – anything that causes insulin spikes – those are carbs, and they are to be avoided. I felt awful, physically and emotionally, and I started to deal with emotions and thoughts I hadn’t felt for a couple years. So, I am back on Keto now, and experimenting with Intermittent Fasting, as well. So far, so good, and I am just a couple pounds from hitting a true 20 pounds lost!

IMG_2155A few moments we’ve accomplished recently! We took Bethany on a plane for the first time, and I would say it went very smoothly. We had a couple of rough patches when I needed to put her to sleep (she usually doesn’t like sleeping in my arms so this wasn’t a huge surprise). The worst part was actually when the flight attendants or other passengers would try to play with her and she would SCREAM in delight, which was ear shattering for everyone else who was not so delighted. But, if that’s the worst part, I’ll take it!


While in Toronto, we visited African Lion Safari, which we are counting for “Take Beth to the Zoo.” It’ll be even more fun when she’s older, but honestly, she LOVED it. She squealed with every animal that walked by and was absolutely mesmerized by all of them. It was a treat.


Lastly, I augmented the moment “get involved with IJM” to include A21, because it isn’t looking like IJM has any way for me to be involved with them at the moment. However, we recently participated in Walk for Freedom with A21 and I am looking into getting onto their committee for A21 Edmonton! So that is really exciting!

For books, I finished a few great ones in the month of September, but again, haven’t had time to post my reviews. Hoping to get to that this month now that I have more time! I am currently working on The Name of the Wind on Audible (enjoying it so far, but its been a slow start), and I am reading The Essex Serpent in physical copy. I had expected to get more reading done even during school, but after a full day of reading and writing, plus taking care of a baby, I am usually wiped. Not to worry, though, I get a long break over the holidays during which I intend to hunker down with more than a few books and enjoy the snowy winter days! I know I’ll also make up for lost time once school finishes up.

Other than that, I am still plugging along. I haven’t forgotten or lost interest in my project, this is just a busy season. But I know I’m going to get it done (the weight loss is the only one I’m slightly nervous about not finishing, but I’ll still make a dent) and have lots to reflect on when I turn 30 in 2020. I can’t believe how fast time is going!! This project is definitely helping me savour the time, though, and be aware of how I am spending my days, and that is so important to me. So huzzah for another 2 months down!!


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