Two Month Update

Two months have come and gone already since I began this little project. It’s hard to believe how quickly time is clicking along, although I have to admit, my thirtieth still seems pretty far away. But if the speed at which the first six months of my daughter’s life has flown by is any indication – I should be turning thirty some time before Christmas.


Currently, the tally is at: 10/100 pounds, 15/100 books, and 8/100 moments. This month I went back to school and it slowed down my progress a fair amount. I’m confident, though, that as I get my feet back under me things will pick up. I also have to keep in mind that once I am graduated (hallelujah thank you God) I’ll have plenty of time to make up the bit of progress I might lose in the next few months.

I finally hit my first ten pound goal! (You can read about this battle here.) I’m starting to notice just that little bit of extra room in my yoga pants and today I took my daughter swimming, caught myself in the mirror, and could definitely see a difference! Man does it feel good to be moving in the right direction. At ten pounds lost, I gained my first “reward,” which was a new throw pillow. I bought one that I’d been eyeing for Bethany’s room for ages and I LOVE it! Most importantly, I can happily report that my energy is up, my knees hurt a little less, and I’m feeling much more like my pre-pregnancy self. That being said, I am definitely coming into the more difficult phase of this journey. The weight isn’t dropping as quickly as I wish and I’m getting bored of the gym and the same food… I truly am asking myself more and more often: What do you want most?

I was disappointed not to be able to finish the five books I’d planned to read this month, but as I said, I did go back to school this month- that’s been a lot of reading on its own. I was able to finish The Locust Effect(click to read my review), To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (which I loved!), and Song of Achilles (which to be fair, I have a tiny bit left to go, but I’m counting it). It’s look like for the next few months while I’m in school, the majority of the reading I do for my list will be (and should be), fun, light reading. We’ll get to the heavier stuff when I’m graduated and have the brain space!

This month I was able to attend a concert, take Bethany swimming for the first time, and watch the sun set on the night before my anniversary. You guys – it is so helpful to have this list. I really am getting out and doing more things than I normally would. And you know what? It is making me braver and more confident to do even more things! I’m also more and more aware of opportunities to make special moments happen just in every day life. I am currently memorizing Romans 8, #89 on my list, and it is changing my life! I am halfway done and I suspect that by the time I get done this month, I will have some cool things to report next month! It’ll definitely deserve its own blog post, so be watching out for that!

Lessons Learned

I don’t want to beat this drum too hard and bore everyone – we are only two months in, after all! But, let me just say again: this project is having the exact effect I hoped it would. By the time I am done, on the day I turn 30, I know that I am going to be able to really take stock of the change, challenge, and beauty that has been born from this journey. I can’t wait to write that report, but for now, at two months, let me say – it’s going splendidly. For as long as I live, I will look back on these 18 months. I can’t ask for more than that.


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